Gold Price Increase Factor


Actually, gold has become a matter of investment in the first-adjusted price in 1717 by Sir Isaac Newton. In 1971, gold is no longer bound to the United States and sold freely. Taking the low gold price data in the 5 February 2010 is USD1, 060 per oz to June 9, 2010 recently, the price of gold in world gold markets surged to U.S. $ 190 to U.S. $ 1.250 per oz.
A year ago the lowest price of gold was U.S. $ 1.080 and the year before on June 23, 2009, the price is U.S. $ 920 per oz. Within a year the gold price rose by 35.8 percent. Gold price data you can find at www.kitco.com.
An average person who invests long-term average returns in the past five years was 30.5 per cent. It was an investment in the stock market itself can not make profit out of it.
Not many are aware of the returns from investment in gold. A good way to invest is to buy gold coins or gold jewelry pieces apart.
For the record, one ounce (oz) equals 31.10 grams. However the sales price of gold in different financial institutions because of the price of gold is not something that is manageable.
Many services such as insurance costs are taken into account by these institutions. Coins and gold pieces can be obtained at banks such as Maybank and Public OUB Gold itself.
There is also the use of the pass book as Public Bank, but customers do not store and saw the gold price is actually only the amount and time of purchase are included in the pass book.
The increase in gold prices are usually subject to three main factors:
First depreciation of the dollar. When the U.S. dollar price of gold fell to rise, the dollar will stabilize the price of gold fell.
Gold acts as a hedge against the U.S. dollar. At this time the U.S. dollar is weak and shows signs of becoming more vulnerable.
There are also rumors of West Asian countries and China will use other currencies besides the U.S. dollar due to the weak U.S. dollar is. Although the shift to a currency other than U.S. dollars (euros or currencies such as the new form) is not something that can happen immediately, the news was enough to propel the world gold price.
The second factor is the price of gold will rise in line with inflation. When inflation rises, the price of gold will rise in line with inflation.
In the countries of the world, including major economic powers of the economic stimulus package to inject large as U.S. $ 787 billion U.S. stimulus package effect is an increase in inflation.
United only tasted his money freely, and this will cause the value of his money will go down.
The third factor is the increase in oil prices will cause the price of gold rose in tandem with the rising cost of production and delivery of goods, if oil prices fall. Gold is also expected to be down, but at a minimum.
There are several ways to invest in gold and are described fully in www.gold.org / value. People can invest directly by buying gold bullion (bars), gold coins, gold dinar, or indirectly through gold futures, options, warrants or certificates of investment.
One of the most popular and fastest growing in securities exchanges around the world are known as the Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).
Among the world's stock offering is Gold ETF in Australia, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, Turkey and United Kingdom. ETF is in the form of securities and 100 percent backed by physical gold.
This investment is growing rapidly to 38 percent of the identified investment consists of securities of this form. Here, there is Gold bullion is traded on our exchange.
Looking at the current upheaval, especially the position of the U.S. dollar due to economic crisis in the U.S., and spreading them around the world especially in Europe recently. People definitely look for a safer investment form of price volatility.
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