Investing in Gold has always been a great investment.  All of the developed countries around the world are doing one thing, printing money like hot cakes.
All they central bankers around the globe see one thing, GDP down, you have to print more money.  They think they can control inflation, but that is a tiger that can’t be tamed easily.
This is why investors need to be cautious and learn see that inflation is looming its ugly head and it is going to be hard.  The best hedge against inflation is still gold. When you take a look at the gold on the yearly chart, you can see that the trend has been very bullish.
Then when you take a look at the USD index chart you can see a clear bearish trend.  Analyst will squab and say these price ceilings for gold and floors for USD can’t go lower. While the Fed continues to increase money supply, there will always be inflation.
Plain and simple. People have always asked why gold, why not anything else that people run to for safety? Well take a look at the history of gold, it has been a store of value for 1000s of years.  So, when people run away from the dollar they will head toward gold.

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